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Which pistachios are best in the world?

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As we said, the number and variety of pistachios in the world is very large, and more than 60 types of pistachios have been identified in Iran. However, in short, Iranian pistachios can be divided into several types of pistachios, Akbari, Kale Qouchi, Ahmad Aghaei, Badami and Fandagi (or Ohadi). The types of pistachios in Iran are divided into two categories: hazelnut and almond pistachios, which you can learn about each of them below.


One of the valuable Iranian pistachios is Akbari pistachios. In fact, this pistachio has the highest economic value. Akbari pistachios are almond-shaped, elongated and large. The color on it is bone-dark cream and its core is purple-brown. Anas Pistachio Akbari is between 22 and 24. This pistachio is harvested at the end of September, which means that it may suffer a lot from the heat of summer.

Ahmad aghaei

One of the newest types of Iranian pistachios is Ahmad Aghaei pistachio. The high yield and the relatively short time required for fruiting have made it one of the best export pistachios in Iran. Ahmad Aghaei pistachios are elongated and can be found from 22 to 34 ounces. The color of the skin of this product is white and its core is red. If you are one of those people who pay a lot of attention to the taste of their food, you should definitely go for Ahmad Aghaei pistachio among the types of pistachios in Iran. With its amazing taste, this pistachio is the first word not only in Iran, but also in the world markets.

The pistachio tree is a resistant tree that survives in complex weather conditions. Of course, the same weather has a great impact on the quality of pistachios and the difference between Iranian pistachios and foreign pistachios. Iran has diverse weather conditions and different types of pistachios are cultivated in different cities of Iran. In this way, Iran is known as one of the largest pistachio producing countries in the world. ”


Iran is the largest pistachio producer in the world with 551,307 tones production per year. United States of America comes second with 447,700 tones yearly production. With 240,000 tones of production per year, Turkey is the third largest producer of pistachio

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