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Which country dates are best?

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Knowing the best types of dates helps a lot in buying and consuming this nutritious fruit. Dates are one of the monocotyledonous plants and a type of palm. The fruit of this tree is seen in the form of large clusters hanging from the branch. It has a thin skin, a firm core and a sweet taste. The appearance of the leaves is narrow and elongated, and the tree has a height of about 10 to 20 meters. Most of the planting of this product is done in the Northern Hemisphere. Some countries in South Korea are also engaged in its production. Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the countries of the Persian Gulf, as well as the northern countries of the African continent and America, produce the best dates en masse.
When the fruit of the tree is not ripe, it is called kharak or kharak, and when it is not fully ripe, it is called rutb. The amount of sugar that is wet is less than the ripe type and the amount of moisture is more. Dates, which are one of the best and most valuable foods, have been used since the distant past and are considered to be one of the oldest cultivated foods.
It is at the top of the main producers of the best dates in Egypt. Iran ranks second with a production of over 1 million tons per year. The next ranks belong to the countries of Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. In the historical books available in the previous two centuries, there are names of 25 types of date trees that existed in Iraq and around the city of Khoramshahr in Iran. Today, about 3000 types have been discovered all over the world, of which about 400 models belong to Iran. The provinces of Khuzestan, Kerman, Sistan and Baluchistan, Hormozgan, Fars and Bushehr are among the best main growers of this product. This fruit is generally divided into 3 categories: dry, semi-dry and wet.
In this article, 13 examples of the best dates will be mentioned along with their details.

Piarom dates

Piarom has attracted the attention of many countries due to its high quality and acceptable appearance. It is in the semi-arid group. Compared to other types of exports, it has a higher demand and a higher price. This crop is widely planted in Hormozgan province and Haji Abad village. Most of the gardens of this city produce it due to its high resistance to salinity.
Piarom is known as the best date in the world. In terms of appearance, its upper crust is dark brown and is completely attached to the mantle and cannot be separated from one another. Most of the sugar in this fruit is fructose, which is why it is quickly burned in the body. If you use this product once, you will become its permanent customer due to its taste and elegant appearance.
This product is one of the best foods in the world, which has a very high nutritional value. All kinds of minerals, sugars and proteins are abundantly found in Piarom dates. It is a rich source of protein, carbohydrates and minerals such as iron and potassium. It contains a lot of vitamins C and antioxidants. Among the properties of the most popular and best dates in the country, we can mention the improvement of migraine. Its consumption by pregnant women increases the growth of babies. It is very effective in weight loss diets. It cures anemia and prevents osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Eating it is very useful in relieving constipation.


Kabkab is one of the best dates in the fresh category. When it is in the kharak stage, it has a bitter taste and is yellow in color. This fruit has a yellow color in the moist stage, but it will turn dark brown when fully ripe. Due to its bitter taste, it cannot be consumed when it is prickly, and it must be cooked and then dried before it can be consumed. Behbahan and Dashtestan are the best and most famous areas of Kabob production.
This product has many applicants in the world due to its reasonable price and good taste. Kabkab dates are one of the best-selling and best dates that are available in the market either pressed or in special buckets. Due to the large amount of juice that this fruit has, it must be stored at the right temperature, otherwise it will turn sour. When this product is harvested from the grove, they are put together. They are pressed and pressed using special devices so that they completely stick to each other.


The best date in the world is Mazafti. Its moisture content is more compared to other types and hence it is very tasty. In our country of Iran, the northern and central cities are additional fans and show great interest in buying it, that’s why most of the domestic consumption is dedicated to these areas of the country.
The provinces of Kerman and Sistan and Baluchistan are the main centers of additional water production. Most of the crops are grown in the cities of Bam, Barvat, Saravan and Jiroft. Mozafati Bam dates are one of the best dates that are famous all over the country. It is available in the market in three forms: dry, semi-dry and wet.
Vitamins A, B, C and E, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorus, protein, fiber and antioxidants are abundant in this fruit. Due to having a lot of iron, it is very effective in curing anemia. The presence of vitamin E prevents heart diseases. The vitamin A contained in it is very useful for the functioning of the cardiovascular system and also prevents the occurrence of strokes. Vitamin B strengthens the brain and is useful for calming the nerves.


The shape of the king is elongated, the head is narrow and it is light brown in color. Shawni, Shoni and Khorek Shani are some of its other names. It is one of the best dates obtained from Jahrom, Fars province. It is in the semi-dry category, but it is also used dry. This product has a nice color and a lot of sweetness, that’s why it is so popular. It has a sweet taste in the kharak stage, so it is also used in the kharak state.
It is rich in vitamins B1 and B2, which are very effective in increasing memory. The vitamin B6 contained in it helps to increase the body’s metabolism a lot. The protein in it has caused it to be used by most athletes. Shahani dates are exported to various countries including India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Russia. One of the reasons for its high export is the high amount of sugar in it, which makes it used in the preparation of vinegar.


One of the most reliable and best dates for export is called Zahedi or Qasb. It is very popular for reasons such as its bright color, deliciousness, and easy storage, and it is one of the most widely used varieties. One of its appearance features is that its end is narrow and has an oval appearance. It is placed in the dry group. Its use is in the form of kharak, which is yellow in color. The best type of Zahedi has a light brown color.
Many exports from Iran are carried out to the countries of the Persian Gulf, Pakistan, Afghanistan and even Europe. Iraq and America also produce it, but the best quality is harvested in Iran and in the cities of Qir, Karzin and Bushehr. Due to its high sugar content, it is widely used in the preparation of sugary foods and vinegar. Zahedi dates have a low price compared to other best dates. Due to its high calcium content, it is very useful for strengthening bones. It has a lot of fiber and therefore it is recommended for people who have digestive diseases to consume it.


Astamaran dates are mostly produced in Khuzestan. Its other name is Kharma Sayer. The amount of sugar in it is high and it is one of the sweetest among its types. It is in the semi-arid group. It is dark brown and tending to black, and its core has little adhesion to the meat. It can be stored at room temperature for a long time, and due to easy storage conditions, most of the dates exported from Iran are dedicated to it. The countries of North America, Russia and New Zealand are among the best and main buyers.
This product is very popular in other countries due to its high sugar and low cellulose content. Due to the presence of a lot of sugar, diabetics should observe moderation in consumption. It is packed and exported in 5 kg and 10 kg laminated cartons. Shadgan city of Khuzestan province has the highest production of the best dates in the colonies.


Rabi is one of the most original and best dates of Sistan and Baluchistan. The cities of Zabul, Chabahar, Saravan and Iranshahr are the main centers of its production. It is also known as Pakistani. The size of Rabi dates is elongated, large and fleshy. When it is ripe, it is black in color and the best quality is harvested from Zabul and Iranshahr. The amount of juice in Rabi is high, and the reason for its popularity all over the world is its precocity. It is in the semi-arid category. Because it is semi-dry, it cannot be kept at room temperature for a long time and should be kept in a dry and cool environment. The amount of stickiness of the core to its meat is high.
According to most people, Rabi dates are very tasty before they are semi-dry, and in terms of taste, they are superior to Mozafad type. Due to the high demand for buying one of the most popular and best dates in Iran, this product is sold before harvest and when there is one to two months left to harvest. This product is known all over the world as Pakistani.

Rotab asali

Another name for it is yellow water and it has a bright color. Asali is one of the best dates, which is yellow in the wet stage and turns light brown after ripening. It is one of the early varieties and therefore it is picked at the same wet stage. After harvesting and after a period of time, it reaches full processing. It belongs to the sour group and because of its soft texture, it dissolves easily in the mouth. Due to its soft texture, it can be crushed with a little pressure, so it should be sent to the market in suitable packages. Because it is wet, it has special storage conditions and must be kept in the refrigerator. It can be used for a maximum of eight months, and if it is stored longer, it will taste sour.
The best honey dates are harvested in Khesht city, Kazeron county. This product has the best and most valuable food ingredients. There are protein, sugars, minerals and vitamins such as A, B, C and E in this nutritious fruit. The presence of vitamin B calms the nerves. The abundance of phosphorus, potassium and iron in it helps to improve nervous diseases and anemia.


Clote is in the category of semi-dry dates. Jiroft city in Kerman is one of its main producers. Its color is red at the beginning and it looks similar to Mozafati type. This product is available in different types of packages or in bulk form in the market. It is also known by other names such as Kalite or Karite. One of the characteristics of its tree is that its palms are very tall and have a great height. The amount of juice in the fruit of this tree is average.
It has a large size and the best Klotte date has a length of about 2 to 4 cm. It is offered in different qualities in the market and therefore there are various prices for it. Most of its consumption is in the month of Ramadan, so it has the highest price of the year in this month. Due to the fact that there are many minerals and organic substances in klotte, it is considered a nutritious snack and a person provides a large part of his daily energy by eating it.


It is one of the tastiest types of dates, which is superior to Pyaram in terms of taste, and at the same time, it has a more reasonable price. The best Khasavi dates are harvested from Behbahan in Khuzestan. The people of Isfahan are among its main consumers in the country because despite its small size, it is very similar to Pyaram and it is one of the tastiest varieties. It is in the lower category. The amount of its juice is high, and because of this, the juice of this product has a high purchase and sale, and it is used to prepare other products. Its sweetness is normal and does not irritate the throat. Due to its small size, three Khasvi dates are equivalent to one of its other types.
It has a lot of antioxidants and therefore its consumption is very effective in preventing cancer. Due to having a very hot nature, people who have a hot and dry temperament should observe the limit of moderation in consuming this type of the best date, but it is very suitable for cold-tempered people. Arab countries are one of the main buyers of this product, but exports to European, African and American countries are not very prosperous.

Appearance, way of supply, whether it is dry or wet, areas under cultivation and domestic and foreign markets were briefly reviewed in each case. We found that Iran has a major share in the production of this product in the world and annually supplies different types of it to the whole world. The provinces of Khuzestan, Hormozgan, Bushehr, Fars, Kerman, and Sistan and Baluchistan have the largest harvest and supply of dates.

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In this article, we tried to provide you with a complete explanation of the dates available in the world, so that you know that Iran is the second date exporting country in the world.

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