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Mazafati Dates


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Mazafati dates

To compare Mazafati dates price in Iran to other date types, it is one of the most expensive dates available in the market. Mazafati date is famous in the world for its excellent taste and high quality. This type of date has a high nutritional value and is considered as a great healthy snack. Mazafati dates are classified into two categories: humidity above 24% and low humidity with humidity below 24%. The moisture level depends on the harvesting time. Iranian Mazafati dates harvesting time depends on the type and starts in early August, lasting to the end of October. This type of date is the most common type of Iraninan date for table eating and snacking. The color of Mazafati fresh dates range from dark brown to black. Mazafati dates are categorized in different grades depending on their moisture and size, for example: (700-750 gr.)- (600-650 gr.)- (500-550 gr.),


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