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Khassui Dates


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If you are looking for a nutritious and healthy snack and a natural and healthy sweetener, Kasoui dates are a great choice. We offer you the best Iranian products with the highest quality. Please visit our official website to know about our other products. Contact us for your order

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Khassui dates

khassui dates are one of the types of dates available in Bushehr province.
is mostly in the foothills and grows on the slopes of the mountains, and can be found in the historical city of Jam, which is located in the center of the cities of Asalouye, Kangan, Farashband, Firouzabad and Qira Karzon.
This city has been known for a long time as one of the main poles of date production in Bushehr province, and khassui dates are the best and most special dates in the region.


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