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Fruit concentrate


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Since 2022, PTN is one of the Iranian producers and exporters who, with a lot of experience in the field of juice and juice production, has been able to create a reliable brand of high-quality products such as a variety of concentrated fruit juices. Thick fruit juice. Our company offers a wide range of high quality fruit concentrates worldwide which can be ordered via communication channels and we guarantee to deliver to you as soon as possible.

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Fruit concentrate

Fruit concentrate, like fruit puree, is a food product that is prepared from fruits using a method called impregnation. In this method, the fruits are cut into small pieces and then placed in a impregnation device, which by applying the pressure and temperature of the available water It is separated in the fruit and a thick and sweet liquid is obtained from it. are usually supplied in different packages, such as glass, plastic or metal, suitable packaging for can increase their useful life. It is common to use fruit concentrate in the preparation of various food products such as juice, syrup, jam, etc. Also, considering that the maintains its natural sweetness, it is used to enhance the taste and aroma of cooked foods and to create special characteristics of food products such as baked goods, cakes and some types of bread.


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