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Cashmere green raisin


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If you’re thinking about adding these healthy and nutritious nuts to your diet, you’re on the right page. Please visit our official website for more information about Iranian raisins  and other products .

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Kashmiri green raisins

Kashmiri green raisin is distinguished by its long size from Pekami grape. Iranian Kashmiri green raisin is famous for its sweet taste and distinct sour taste underneath, which is more suitable for the East. This type of raisin is light green by dipping dried grapes in the shade. If the raisin is treated with SO2, its name is changed to “golden raisin” or “long golden raisin”. If you are looking for quality kashmiri green raisins, as one of the best raisins manufacturers and suppliers, we can help you. All our raisins are laser sorted and graded under the HACCP quality system.

Kashmiri green raisins nutritional value

Iranian raisins are a complete source of energy, and in addition to protein and dietary fiber, they contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals of raisins include potassium, calcium, iron, etc. 100 grams of it has 320 kcal, 66 grams of carbohydrates, 3.5 grams of dietary fiber, 1.23 milligrams of iron, 63.22 milligrams of calcium and 0.2 grams of fat.

Iranian Kashmiri green raisins in our daily diet

Raisins are a very good source of vitamins and natural protein and are suitable for people with special diets. You can consume up to 1.5 cups of raisins per day. Some examples of the use of raisins in our daily diet are mentioned below:

  1. Soak them and use them as a nutritious snack at the table.
  2. You can decorate your salad with raisins.
  3. They are widely used in the confectionery industry.
  4. Mix them with your cereal.
  5. Add them to your mashed potatoes.

Some properties of golden raisins for health:

  1. Great for digestive disorders
  2. It lowers blood pressure.
  3. Great for diabetes management.

The price of Kashmiri green raisins

The price of green raisins varies depending on the quality of the raisins you buy. Our raisins are available in 3 quality classes: Grade A, Grade AA and Grade AAA

Packaging information

We offer this product in one package:

  1. 10 kg cartons

We can arrange other types of packaging upon customer’s request.

Shipping arrangements

We have the most experienced shipping agents and choose the most convenient way to ship your order depending on your circumstances and your circumstances. At the last stage of your order, we collect all the necessary data to determine the best shipping arrangement based on your needs. So don’t hesitate! Please go ahead and contact us. We will do our best to deliver your order with the best and most reliable shipping method, with good quality and in the most convenient time possible.



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