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Table of Contents

  • A product that the world knows...

    Iranian saffron

  • Direct purchase of products from Iranian pistachio orchards

    Iranian pistachios

  • The pleasant taste of Iranian dates

    iranian dates

  • Variety of taste and pleasure of Iranian nuts

    Fresh nuts

Direct export

Direct purchase

organic products

about ptn

PTN foods is an active company in the field of exporting all kinds of organic agricultural products from Iran to all destinations in the world. almonds etc. as well as other processed products such as fruit concentrates. Date juice and fruit puree, Iranian saffron, raisins and other products have a share in the world markets. We can provide our dear customers all over the world with the best and highest quality products that are picked and collected throughout the year according to the customer’s request and according to the desired category and packaging of Iranian products. The quality of the manufactured products is at the highest level of quality and you can safely purchase our products from the agricultural market of Iran and receive them in your destination country

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Exporter of Iranian dried fruit